Easily analyze your calls to action

ESGTRUST’s all-in-one platform can help you seamlessly build, execute, and report on every piece of your engagement. With campaigns, all your engagement tools and data are on one easy-to-use, powerful platform. You’ll save valuable time and get all the context you need to provide a personalized experience that engages stakeholders at scale.

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Everything you need to execute great campaigns, all in one Place.

View, manage, and prioritize.


Align teams and goals

Engaging your audience through aligned campaigns ensures you speak with one powerful voice, propelling your stakeholder along their journey, reducing friction, and delivering results on the goals that matter most.

Complete Visibility

A 360° view of your campaigns and your team's workload from one central dashboard to prioritize what work needs the most attention, and which salient stakeholders need engagement.

Create shared value

By tying social impact to corporate strategy, you can create unique stakeholder value that reinforces your competitive positioning.


Track complex campaigns with one source of data

The campaigns tool makes it easier for your team to do their best work with built-in collaboration tools like tasks, comments, and calendar, so you can plan your campaigns with context.

Eliminate silos

Pull stakeholder data from several sources to create targeted and personalized campaigns, and avoid a disjointed and frustrating stakeholder engagement experience.

Reach the right stakeholders at the right time

Use lists to segment your stakeholders to create more granular views of your most influential stakeholders.


Access real-time campaign reporting

Equip every team with the power to measure, iterate, and optimize campaigns based on real-time performance insights and ongoing stakeholder feedback.

Fast time to value

Managers can monitor the effectiveness of an individual engagement or entire issues teams can measure the effectiveness of their engagement campaigns.

Campaign reporting

Build custom campaign reports to view the performance of all your campaign assets from one place, allowing you to better understand campaign performance and report on key success metrics.

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Easy-to-use reporting and an intuitive dashboard view make it easy to understand how stakeholder opinions are changing over time, and offer actionable advice on how to best engage with the most influential stakeholders.