Effective Operational-level Grievance Mechanisms


Anticipate Problems

Prevent minor complaints or stakeholder disagreements from spiraling into something more serious. Helps foster a company culture of transparency, openness and trust.

Create a Credible Process

Increase the credibility and legitimacy in the process by involving representatives from different stakeholder groups to participate in decision-making related to grievances.

Boost Internal Collaboration

Integrate the grievance mechanism into your wider engagement process by making sure that individuals can find the information at the time a grievance arises.


Continuous Learning

Tracking the performance of the grievance mechanism will bring to light lessons that you can use to adjust wider company policies and procedures.

Develop the Right Metrics

Create KPIs and predict future issues, faults, or patterns using existing data and trends, allowing you to get ahead of change before it even happens. Gain Internal legitimacy by sharing the data.

In-Dept Stakeholder Insights

Analyze trends and patterns in complaints, so you can identify systemic problems and adapt your practices accordingly.


Transparency in Every Step

Keep stakeholders informed about the grievance, its progress, and provide sufficient information about the resolution so you can build confidence in its effectiveness.

Legitimate Resolutions

Enable trust from the stakeholder groups for whose use they are intended, and being accountable for the fair conduct of grievance processes

Predictable Results

Provide a clear and known procedure with an indicative time frame for each stage, and clarity on the types of process and outcome available and means of monitoring implementation.

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