Get a complete view of your stakeholder, including activity history, key contacts, communications, and internal discussions.

Track All Interactions and Relationships

Increase Interaction Quality

Track every interaction you have with a stakeholder and connect this to actions and reminders for follow-ups. Anything, in fact, to help ensure that issues are resolved before they escalate.

Improve Productivity

Get the up-to-the-minute history of all the conversations, communications, and meetings with a stakeholder, and share with anyone or a private group.

Tap Into the Collective Wisdom of your Company

Track interactions and find the experts, sensitive information, and other resources to engage more effectively.

Monitor Effectiveness of Engagement Efforts

Fast Time to Value

Managers can monitor the effectiveness of an individual engagement or entire issues teams can measure the effectiveness of their engagement campaigns.

Get a 360 Degree View

You’ll get a complete picture of every stakeholder, from insights about how to engage with them to issues they’re involved in.

See the World the Way Your Stakeholder Does

Get a single, shared view of your stakeholders. With knowledge of your stakeholders’ history, interests, and even frustrations, you can begin to serve up experiences better tailored to their needs.

Connect Strategy to Actions

Single Source of Truth

Having a single, shareable database cuts confusion and keeps everyone in sync, automatically. Empowered employees serve stakeholders better.

Collaborate with People Companywide.

Stakeholder 360 gives everyone in your company the ability to access crucial data and make smarter, faster decisions.

Prepare for Stakeholder Meetings on the Go.

Access all of the stakeholder organization and contact data you need to keep the engagement moving, from anywhere.

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