ESG Standards & metrics

A single source of truth for ESG

Whether your organization reports in accordance with known ESG standards and frameworks or is using a custom taxonomy, our solution has you covered. Gain visibility by mapping your stakeholders to your value chain and by correlating information on issues, impacts, and ESG risks and opportunities. Streamline ESG information gathering and collaboration. Deliver Value Chain data insights to boards, executives, and other stakeholders. 

Combine different standards

Develop your own customized taxonomy by combining different frameworks and selecting indicators from each standard or by developing custom indicators. Create a Global report that takes into consideration local requirements while being able to correlate with global metrics. 

ESGTRUST supports the following frameworks...

Aggregate ESG data for risk management, performance improvement, voluntary reporting, and regulated disclosures.

Collect any data from anywhere

Take manual input out of your work. ESGTRUS connects to your source systems and automates the process of aggregating data.

Harmonize your business and ESG strategy

Link your business and ESG goals, and create a framework that reflects your strategy in terms of intangible assets and ESG risks and opportunities.

Develop your ESG narrative in a compelling way

Correlate your stakeholder inputs with your ESG metrics to develop a narrative that resonates with your stakeholders, and accounts for their needs.

Align to multiple standards and Frameworks

Quickly navigate the confusing reporting arena by collecting and combining KPI's into a bespoke taxonomy.

Build reliable and credible metrics

Easily configure KPIs, and establish workflows to transparently capture ESG data, that correlates with your goals and your stakeholder's expectations.

Incorporate best practices in proactive engagement

Get in front of your stakeholder issues before they escalate or even happen. Build a personal relationship with your most salient stakeholders.

Integrate ESG in your Corporate DNA

By embedding stakeholder feedback in your decision making process, and by taking into account ESG in your performance management.

Make data-based decisions integrating stakeholder inputs

Create a feedback loop so that you can identify, understand and address your stakeholders' concerns before they escalate into a costly backslash.

Gain ESG visibility across your value chain

Map stakeholders across your value chain, collect KPI's and facilitate collaboration, transparency, and accountability.

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