ESG Reporting

Reduce Complexity and Accelerate Data Gathering

Gain visibility by mapping your stakeholders to your value chain and correlating information on issues, impacts, and ESG metrics. 

Streamline ESG information gathering and collaboration. Deliver Value Chain data insights to boards, executives, and other stakeholders. 


ESGTRUST supports the following frameworks...

Align to Critical Frameworks such as GRI, SASB, TCFD,
and the WEF Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics

Create a Consistent and Reliable Way to Manage ESG Data Across The Value Chain

Gain Visibility

Map Your Stakeholders

Group stakeholders according to the different parts of your Value Chain so you can gain insights at a more granular level.

Discover Stakeholder Interest

Increase your likelihood to avoid crises by establishing processes to better able to anticipate risks and opportunities.

Address Internal Risks & Gaps

Leverage pre-built templates and risk logic to assess internal ESG goals and initiatives Flag and manage both internal and third-party ESG risk using pre-built assessment templates

Connect The Dots

Get Better Data

Facilitate the input of ESG data for any one in your value chain. Focus on initiatives that will accelerate ESG performance improvement.

Break Down Barriers

Share information and insights from stakeholder discussions amongst business units. Codevelop local/global solutions to common ESG challenges.

Support Better Decisions

Enable more effective monitoring of your value chain ESG performance.
reduce complexity and increase efficiency by getting high-quality data to make decisions.

Collaborate on ESG Data

Build Deeper Relationships

Understand the interconnections with the all-in-one platform that helps you seamlessly build, execute, and report on every piece of your engagement.

Understand the Networks

By documenting the connections between stakeholders you can identify patterns that can help you understand the centers of influence.

Discern Different Perspectives

Find common ground by correlating the views of different stakeholder and see how their perspectives change over time as you adjust your approach.

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