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Build stakeholder relationships for life.

Put your stakeholder at the center of your engagement with data-first digital campaigns. Use a fast, flexible, and scalable platform to move at the speed of your stakeholder with real-time insights and optimize performance with actionable analytics.

ESGforce’s Campaigns tool is a powerful dashboard that lets you monitor and tag each disparate piece of your process and quickly locate, manage, and report on campaigns.ESG

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The Only Tool You Need for Proactive Stakeholder Management

Software to keep track of all your stakeholders and strategic Issues

Identify Stakeholders

Salience Model

Classify stakeholders according to their power, legitimacy, and urgency. Eliminate the noise by focusing on "who and what really counts."

Visualize Relationships

get a visual representation of all the people who can influence your project and how they are connected.

Stakeholder Issue Interdependence

Use social network analysis to understand the delicate relationships between stakeholder behavior and issue evolution by integrating both into a single model.

Analyze Data

Manage Expectations

Weigh and balance all competing stakeholder demands so you can better understand where and how to allocate your resources.

Rank Stakeholder Relevance

Identify potential stakeholder risks and misunderstandings and develop mechanisms to positively influence all relevant stakeholders.

Strategic Issues Identification

Study the data from your stakeholder analysis to develop a framework that correctly identifies the key issues, and allows you to effectively create the right strategy to resolve them.

Proactively Engage

Assign Proactive Tasks

Empower your team to work more productively and efficiently so that you can prioritize your tasks, manage your time, and meet your deadlines.

Incorporate Feedback

Create an effective feedback loop so that you can identify and resolve issues before they become unsurmountable problems.

Create Targeted Campaigns

Develop a mechanism to Receive, Evaluate, and Act on Feedback from your Stakeholders. Tag related stakeholder assets and content, so you can easily measure the effectiveness of your collective engagement efforts.

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Easy-to-use reporting and an intuitive dashboard view make it easy to understand how stakeholder opinions are changing over time, and offer actionable advice on how to best engage with the most influential stakeholders.