Dynamic Materiality

Analyze stakeholder-driven materiality

Develop the capability to anticipate future material issues by more accurately assessing which environmental and social issues will become material over time and by integrating these forward‑looking perspectives into your decision-making. Use ESGTRUST’s in-depth stakeholder risk analysis to incorporate material climate-related matters into your financial statements.  

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Easy-to-use reporting and an intuitive dashboard view make it easy to understand how stakeholder opinions are changing over time, and offer actionable advice on how to best engage with the most influential stakeholders.

Use stakeholder data to take proactive action

Incorporate stakeholder input to the identification of material issues

ESG materiality matrix

Create shared value

By tying social impact to corporate strategy, you can create unique stakeholder value that reinforces your competitive positioning.

Assess new opportunities

Create new products that address emerging social needs or open currently unserved customer segments.

Align your organization

​Focus resources on areas where you have the greatest opportunities for growth and leadership or the biggest environmental or social risks to mitigate.

ESG risks & opportunities

Identify stakeholder risks

Implement a proactive engagement strategy to stay ahead of continuously evolving stakeholder and regulatory compliance risks and opportunities.

Connect the dots

Choose the right stakeholders, apply the appropriate methodology, and visually present the information effectively to help inform decisions.

Adopt a dynamic approach

Capture the changing circumstances of your stakeholders. Focus on their top priorities where you can have the biggest impact and boost your long-term financial performance.

Materiality assessment

Organize your information

The key to getting real value out of any materiality assessment is starting with a clear understanding of what information you are looking for.

Sharpen your ESG focus
By focusing on the issues that matter most to your stakeholders you can help management reduce capital costs and improve your firm’s valuation.

Ask the right questions

The most important thing when designing any assessment is that the questions are crafted and stakeholders selected to get answers that genuinely help you make decisions.