Stakeholder Trust Score

Measure every experience. Engage every stakeholder.

Automatically reach each stakeholder at the right time. Collect individualized data on each stakeholder. Automatically calculate their NTS score and track and analyze changes in real-time. Store their trust data, and aggregate all the scores to create a real-time picture of stakeholder trust. Automate the engagement by establishing how often and to which segment you want to send the trust survey. 


Trusted By

Measure, analyze and act on feedback across the entire stakeholder journey


Gain insights

Without their feedback, your NTS score is just a number. Asking follow-up questions, however, gives direction to what that change needs to be.

Ask the right question

Ask the right question in the right channel for contextual feedback and measure every stakeholder experience, coach and motivate your frontline teams, and make every location perform like your best.


The system’s feedback focuses on individual events in the stakeholder’s experience, allowing employees to learn from their actions, try something different and observe the outcome.


Quick follow-up

Use NTS data and stakeholder comments to inform decisions about process changes, new products, and other innovations.

Gain direction for change

Let employees and teams hear both positive and constructive stakeholder feedback directly and immediately. The inner loop empowers them to implement whatever changes they can make on their own.

Get useful feedback

Get both granular and timely feedback that leads you to effective follow-up. Instantly visualize the impact of stakeholder experience on key ESG metrics across locations and teams, even individual employees.


See the big picture

Never miss a trend – automatically receive a continuous pulse of stakeholder sentiment.

Foster adaptability

Net truster surveys typically require just two or three questions, keeping the burden on the stakeholder low. There are no complex indices or correlation coefficients.

Close the loop

Once feedback is received, you can close the loop by reaching out to your stakeholders so that they come away feeling better about your company, and you learn more about your stakeholder.

Try ESGTRUST for your team

Easy-to-use reporting and an intuitive dashboard view make it easy to understand how stakeholder opinions are changing over time, and offer actionable advice on how to best engage with the most influential stakeholders.