Public Affairs and Government Relations

Unify all Stakeholder Inputs

In today’s always-on world, a Public Affairs professional’s job is never fully finished, which is why we developed a series of products focused on helping you stay on top of your key priorities. 

Use data-driven ways to evaluate your long-term strategy. Monitor your engagement campaigns and the evolution of issues you care about the most. 


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Unify All Stakeholder Inputs and ESG Data in a Single Source of Truth and Reduce Regulatory and Legal Interventions

Communicate with The Right People at the Right Time

Connect The Dots

Codify The Information

Use your own taxonomy to categorize all of your stakeholder interactions. Get a birds eye view of your operations and the management of critical ESG issues.

Keep Track of All Interactions

Record everything from meetings, events, and actions in one repository that everyone at your organization can access — freeing up your time to strategize on a winning action plan.

Keep Updated Records

Upload contacts, map organizations , log meetings or other actions the moment they take place, and see what every team member is working on across the globe. Group stakeholders and categorized them according to your own ESG parameters.

Align Your Team

Advance Your Issues

Organize the people that can help push your issue forward. Get insights on on all the key stakeholders — and how they’re connected — in one place.

Proactively Manage Change
Make sure you’re getting the right stakeholders — internal and external — on board to amplify the message and agenda you need to advance. Build networks of trust and transparency.

Unify Your Stakeholders

Unify government relations, risk management, corporate communications, and more. Keep track on any legislative changes. Align your organization on ESG goals, and use proactive tools to engage at all levels with a cohesive message.

Build Corporate Memory

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Consolidate every piece of information that relates to an issue you’re working on in one place. Track legislation and regulation, log engagement actions .

Use Visual Representations

Link events and interactions to add context to the data. Build a best practice portfolio to illustrate the management process of dealing with complex multidimensional issues.

Replicate Successes and
Avoid failures

By mapping the process over time, you can set a record in the organization to follow of the path for others in the organization to follow the path of least resistance to stakeholder issue resolution.

Try ESGTRUST for your team

Easy-to-use reporting and an intuitive dashboard view make it easy to understand how stakeholder opinions are changing over time, and offer actionable advice on how to best engage with the most influential stakeholders.