Stakeholder Engagement Tracking

A single source of truth for ESG

Whether your organization reports in accordance with known ESG standards and frameworks or is using a custom taxonomy, our solution has you covered. Gain visibility by mapping your stakeholders to your value chain and by correlating information on issues, impacts, and ESG risks and opportunities. Streamline ESG information gathering and collaboration. Deliver Value Chain data insights to boards, executives, and other stakeholders. 

Identify stakeholders

Analyze data

Proactively engage

Commitment Management

Plan, track and manage all your commitments from start to finish.

Events Management

Plan, track and manage all your events from inviting stakeholders to recording their most relevant issues.

Proactive Tasks

Map out goals and prioritize tasks. You get projects off the ground faster and meet deadlines—without scrambling at the last minute.

Request for Information

Respond in a timely matter to any inquiry from your stakeholders.


Keep track of all stakeholder concerns and make sure that you address them in a timely, trustworthy, and effective way.


Impact Assessment and Monitoring

Identify, monitor, and measure the social and environmental impacts of your operations.


Notify your stakeholders when you want to make a change in any of your locations.

Issue Management

Get real-time status updates so you know what's going on and can solve small issues before they become big problems.


Social-Impact Investment

Align your community investment efforts with your ESG goals, and use granular stakeholder data to deploy your resources where they are needed the most.

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