The two most important things to grow your business are: relationships and data.

Stakeholder relationship management, ESG insights, and risk assessment are all vital parts of strategic planning. But, to create a truly resilient strategy, you need it all to be happening in one place while building corporate memory. And in 2023, we predict there will be substantial shifts in how large organizations handle this.

                                                      The Definitive Guide to                                                                                                               INTEGRATING ESG AND STAKEHOLDER TRUST                                                                                                              INITIATIVES IN 2023

Up until now, it’s been unclear how to bring it all together and aggregate the data to get a clear picture that leads to strategic action. Inside this guide you will learn to:

From there, you’ll be able to integrate Stakeholder Trust Initiatives and ESG giving you and your organization a unique competitive advantage.

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Written by Natan Zaidenweber

Natan is the Founder and CEO of ESGTrust and is regarded as a thought leader in what has been termed “Stakeholder Capitalism,” the now-proven belief that “In today’s globally interconnected world, a company must create value for and be valued by its full range of stakeholders to deliver long-term value for its shareholders.” (Blackrock’s CEO Larry Fink 2022). Under Zaidenweber’s direction, ESGTrust has grown from a groundbreaking innovative idea that won “The Big Five” global competition from the Global Reporting Initiative into an award-winning Cloud company in the nascent ESGTech marketplace.

The best time to start building corporate memory was yesterday. The second best time is now.

Enhance your stakeholder engegement

Get more granular ESG data

This guide will help you understand why and HOW your organization can do this.

40 %
Of executives think that customers that customers highly trust their companies when only about 30% do​
35 %
of employees say they are likely to leave if you loose their trust
45 %
of institutional investors subject ESG to the same scrutiny as operational and financial considerations
43 %
of consummers say they are unlikely to buy if a company looses their trust

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