Get Measurable Results from Your ESG Initiatives and Build Stakeholder Trust

A unified Stakeholder Relationship Management and ESG Data Platform
to bring your company and stakeholders together — from anywhere.

Organizational-level trust analysis

Manage uncertainty and meet objectives

The solution is configured with a climate risk management module that uses industry-standard analysis methodologies to assess, manage and report risk in alignment with the TCFD. Standardize risk management processes across the entire enterprise through consistent risk assessment and evaluation methodologies, while supporting contextual risk consequence thresholds to suit different departments or business areas.

Net Trust Score

Measure every experience. Engage every stakeholder.

Automatically reach each stakeholder at the right time. Collect individualized data on each stakeholder. Automatically calculate their NTS score and track and analyze changes in real-time. Store their trust data, and aggregate all the scores to create a real-time picture of stakeholder trust. Automate the engagement by establishing how often and to which segment you want to send the trust survey. 

ESG corporate memory

Accumulated information regarding past decisions

Use an evidence-based approach to acquire and store organizational knowledge i.e. information on stakeholder interactions and the decisions that emerge from that process. Understand the scope of organizational memory, as it varies from different locations and types of knowledge available so that your best and brightest can spend more time engaging stakeholders and less time answering questions and searching for internal information. 

Engagement campaigns

Easily analyze your calls to action

 ESGTrust’s all-in-one platform can help you seamlessly build, execute, and report on every piece of your engagement. With campaigns, all your engagement tools and data are on one easy-to-use, powerful platform. You’ll save valuable time and get all the context you need to provide a personalized experience that engages stakeholders at scale.

Stakeholder-issue network

Anticipate and resolve issues through effective management.

Close the gap between your actions and stakeholder expectations by systematically adjusting your organization and proactively resolving emerging issues before they impact your social license to operate.  Improve stakeholder relationships and “dialog of mutuality,” avoid or mitigate conflict and generate win/win resolutions that account for the positions and goals of all members in your stakeholder ecosystem.

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Easy-to-use reporting and an intuitive dashboard view make it easy to understand how stakeholder opinions are changing over time, and offer actionable advice on how to best engage with the most influential stakeholders.

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